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SS Centrifuge


SS 1250 Centrigue exported to Egypt

1.Three-column top discharge centrifuge SS series


1).Well designed structure leaves no place despositing dust and make the machine clean easily, the modules are designed smoothly and polished on the surface, the case, fixing parts and drums are made of stainless steel, with hinged enclosure cover, it is easy to clean the gap between the case and the drums.
2).Hinged enclosure cover, feeding tube, washing tube, washing lens and lighting hol.
3).Automatic online cleaning system cleans the internal wall of the case, the basket and liquid slot to meet the clean requirements in accordance with GMP Standard.
4).Simple structure, convenient repairing
5).wide range of applications, it can be applied for separating the suspension, also for fibres.
6).Inverter startup, smooth starting, adjustable relative centrifugal force. Non-touching braking system, static-proof belt transmission, leak-proof structure with silicon rubber or fluoroelastomers seals. It is of anti-explosion applied to poisonous, flammable, explosive environment.
7).Nitrogen protection system ensures segregating the air outside from the machine chamber.
8).No damage to particles.

Technical Parameters:
Items Model
SS300 SS450 SS600 SS800 SS1000 SS1200
Basket dia(mm) 300 450 600 800 1000 1200
Basket volume(L) 5 20 40 100 140 230
Max.charge(Kg) 7.5 30 55 135 200 310
Rotation speed of basket(r/min) 2825 1900 1500 1200 1000 800
Relative centrifugal farce 1340 910 755 645 560 435
Power of motr(Kw) 1.1 1.5 3 5.5 7.5 11
Overall dimensions 660*650*760 100*750*630 1400*1150*850 1750*1300*1000 2000*1550*1000 2250*1800*1100
Weight(Kg) 150 250 1000 1300 1800 2200

2·Three-column top discharge centrifuge SB series
3·Three-column top discharge centrifuge SD series
Vertical top discharge batch-filtering centrifuge LD series
4·Vertical top discharge batch-filtering centrifuge LS series
5·Standing type discharge directive-drive explosion-proof centrifuge LSF series
6·Standing type discharge directive-drive explosion-proof centrifuge SSF series
7·Scraper bottom discharge automatic centrifuge LGZ series
8·Scraper bottom discharge automatic centrifuge AUT series
9·Scraper bottom discharge automatic centrifuge SGZ series
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