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Glass-lined Pump


Glass-lined pump
Glass-lined Pump,Same as other Glass-lined Chemical Equipment, pumps also lined with our excellent corrosion resistant glass-lining, the products have already wide applied in the Chemical, petroleum, oil refining, medical, dying, national defense, metallurgy, mechanical, light industrial, textile, chemical fiber, food etc, applied in filling tank transmission for the solvents except fluoride, gravity of chemical medium should lower than 1.40g/cm3 ,( if the gravity of medium is bigger than 1.4g/cm3, please tell us when ordering, we will make the special design)

Pump Body :Volute Casting in Glass-lined Cast-iron fabrication
Impeller: Closed impeller in F46/PVDF Engineering Plastics
Shaft: Medal/Heavy Duty Guided in Oil lubricated Bearings
Shaft Sealing: External Single Mechanical Seal cooled ( water )
Drive Unit:Coupled with Constant speed driven Motor
Rotation: Clockwise rotation seen from drive end
Options: Flame-proof special design motors Various Stator Ring, Rotation RingCustom-made Connection Flanges

Pump Type
32 FTP-20
50 FTP-35
65 FTP-40
80 FTP-50
100 FTP-37

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